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Pool Cleaning Equipment

Pool Maintenance Company

Pool Maintenance companies use Poolsense to monitor client swimming pools and get alerts when chemicals are needed Manage your fleet of sensors from one central app that is designed to make monitoring your fleet of loT sensors convenient and easy. With its mobile-first approach, it is designed to ensure that it's easy to use on any device progressive web app that looks like any other app on your phone. You will receive smart, customized alerts when abnormal measurements are detected. Data is presented in an easy-to-read format and allows early intervention when problems are detected.


  • Manage your fleet of sensors from one central app 

  • Early warning system to intervene quickly 

  • Intelligent and customizable alerts when you need to act 

  • Multi-platform-access from PC, Tablet, or Mobile devices 

  • Real-time and historic data 

  • Daily, weekly, monthly graphs-easy visualization of trends 

  • Reduces manpower and revenue loss 

  • Clear visualization of complex data feeds 

  • 4 Monitoring devices are currently available, integration with any other compatible loT devices is possible. 

  • Access data through API and MQTT

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